Teesside International Airport –

The Middleton and Rockliffe Executive Lounges Terms and Conditions of Use


  1. Executive Lounge Access


  1. Any passenger making use of our Executive lounges does so subject to these Terms and conditions.


  1. We have two executive lounges:


  • The Middleton Lounge – This is family and executive traveller lounge. Family Groups are welcome, and children must be supervised by adults at all times when within the lounge.  A maximum of six guests including children/infants can book online.


  • Rockliffe Lounge (Coming Soon) – This lounge is aimed at our business travellers.  It is people over the age of 18 only. Booking may be made for a maximum of four adults per booking.


  1. Our airport Executive Lounges are open to everyone no matter which airline or tour operator they are flying with, or class of travel subject to these terms and conditions


  1. Admittance to the Executive Lounges may be refused where:
  • The Executive Lounge has reached its safe operational capacity.
  • The passenger or a member of the passenger’s party is:
  • not adhering to the dress code
  • believed to be drunk or otherwise intoxicated
  • unable to produce a valid confirmation along with the lead party name and guest boarding passes to gain entry
  • up to 30 minutes before the Executive Lounge is due to close.


  1. Making a reservation.


  1. Passengers can make a lounge reservation on-line at: www.teessideinternational.com/AirportLounges.


  1. Passengers may also enquire about availability and pay for entry at the relevant airport lounge reception desk via a contactless debit/credit card.


  1. Our price list can be found on our website and on display in each Executive Lounge. It is cheaper to book and pay in advance and booking is recommended (See: www.teessideinternational.com/AirportLounges).


  1. Airport Pass Holders


  1. We welcome Dragon Pass, Lounge Club, Lounge Gate, Lounge Key, Lounge Pass and Priority Pass and holders of these passes will be admitted to our Executive Lounges without change and in accordance with the terms of the relevant pass.


  1. Unfortunately, our booking system does not currently permit advance booking on the concessionary basis.  Pass Holders must enquire at the Executive Lounge reception desk on the day of travel. Admission will be granted on the same basis as other guests in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


  1. Opening Times


  1. Our Executive Lounges are usually open between 04:00 to 18:30 daily.


  1. Guests can enter the lounge for a maximum of three hours prior to their scheduled departure time. The lounges are closed on Christmas Day.


  1. Lounge access is reserved by reference to the flight time specified in the booking.  It is a Guest’s responsibility to confirm the check-in opening time with their airline.  Check-in for some flights may only be available from two hours prior to departure.  The Executive Lounges can only be accessed once a passenger has completed the check-in and security process.


  1. Please note that the Executive Lounges may close at any time and may do so at short notice. If this is because the Executive Lounge cannot continue to be operated safely or due to some other urgent situation.  In these situations, guests present may be asked to leave or may not the granted entry or re-entry to the Executive Lounge until it is deemed safe to do so.  In such situations, refunds are not available.  We may also close the lounge if there are insufficient bookings at the time of your planned visit.  In this situation we will notify you as soon as possible, cancel your booking and refund the booking fee that you have paid to us.


  1. Use of the Executive Lounge


  1. It is the responsibility of guests to be aware of their flight time to ensure the correct lounge slot is selected during the booking process.


  1. Access to the Executive Lounges is limited to a maximum stay of three hours per person


  1. Guests are free to leave and re-enter the lounge within the three-hour entitlement however should a guest have checked in to the lounge but not stayed for the full three-hour period this will be recorded as a visit and no refund will be issued.


  1. Dress Code: We understand that customers want to travel in comfortable clothing and our lounges have a relaxed ‘smart-casual’ dress code to reflect this.
  • Shirts, Tee Shirt, Jeans and tailored shorts or trousers, skirts or dresses are permitted
  • The following are not permitted in the Executive Lounges:
  • Fancy dress clothing,
  • Sportswear (including tracksuits and football shirts),
  • Swimwear
  • Items of clothing or luggage with slogans or symbols that may cause offence.


  1. Conduct:  Guest are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not cause offence or annoyance to other guests or staff.
  • Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited
  • The following activities are considered to be a breach of the conduct:
  • allowing or encouraging a person under the age of 18 years consume alcohol
  • guests behaving as if they are drunk or otherwise intoxicated or believed to have consumed and unacceptable amounts of alcohol. Guests are advised to drink responsibly, in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority guidelines. Staff have the right to refuse to serve alcohol to those they suspect may have had enough to drink already.
  • guests shouting, swearing or acting in an otherwise inappropriate, disruptive, rude or threatening manner or causing upset to other guests or staff.
  • any abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards staff of guests


  1. Stag and Hen parties or other large group bookings are not permitted. The lounge will NOT accept any group bookings that may have been confirmed through either different booking agents or under a number of individual booking references. In the event of this happening, the lounge will refuse entry or require the group members to leave and you will not be eligible for a refund.


  1. Guests may be required to vacate the Executive Lounge if:
  • The Lounge is full to capacity.
  • Any aspect of the dress code or the required standards of conduct are not adhered to.
  • Three hours after they first entered the Executive Lounge.
  • When the Executive Lounge closes.


  1. Any decision to refuse entry shall be taken at Teesside International Airport’s sole and absolute discretion.


  1. Please note: Bar service will cease once your flight has been called. It is strictly forbidden to remove items from the lounge therefore lounge staff reserve the right to challenge guests on this point if they have reason to believe it necessary.


  1. Flight Delays: In the unlikely event that your flight is delayed, the lounge will try to extend your stay if possible, subject to the lounge capacity, at a rate of £12.50 per adult guest (£6.00 per child) per hour or part thereof. 


  1. Cancellations/Amendments/Refunds


  1. In the event of guests failing to arrive for their stay, Teesside International Airport shall be under no obligation, at any time, to issue any refund, in full or in part, of the charges previously paid by the guest.


  1. Should a cancellation be made by an airline, guests will be offered a booking for an alternative day. Should an alternative not be possible a full refund will be issued. 


  1. Guests may amend or cancel their booking on-line, free of charge, up to 48 hours prior to their lounge access time.


  1. In the event of a guest wishing to amend or cancel an existing booking inside of the 48-hour period, they may do so online and a 25% fee will be charged per guest.


  1. Coronavirus Covid 19: We have introduced a number of measures to ensure your health, wellbeing and safety within our lounges in line with government protocols.  Some of our lounge services may be affected by government restrictions in place.